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Scott McGillivray

Learn The Keyspire® Million Dollar Blueprint For Real Estate Investing

Scott McGillivray, Professional Contractor and Television Host is coming to your area LIVE and in person to teach you how to build wealth through real estate investing. Scott has put together his best strategies to create a straightforward proven system for Keyspire®. You will learn:

  • The 4 Ways to Win™ in Real Estate
  • How to Flip to Yourself™ and Double Your Profits
  • How to Acquire Financing for Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd Property and Beyond!
  • The 3 Investing Streams™ for Powerful Profits
  • How to Get Started Within 30 Days!

Scott McGillivray will be teaching you exciting ways to build your wealth through real estate investing using the key techniques he and business partner/co-founder, Michael Sarracini, have developed for Keyspire®.

Keyspire® Results

  • Scott attends and presents at 100% of his scheduled Keyspire® Wealth Tour events.
  • 84% of Members initiate a transaction within 6 weeks of being introduced to the Keyspire® investing community.
  • The average Keyspire® Member makes over $109,000 in real estate investments within their first 6 months.
  • 89% of attendees believe that they could be successful in real estate investing following their attendance at the Wealth Tour.
    *Based on independent third party research by Acceleration Strategy Inc.

Keyspire® Success Stories

Below is one of our Keyspire® Members who has achieved significant success by investing in real estate in only a short period of time.

  • "We went from debt to down payment."
    Rebecca & Jordon
    Member & Team Member Since 2014
Free Gift *First 50 attendees will receive a free power bank.

What Our Members Are Saying

  • “The education received, the events and networking opportunities are top notch. I never pressured to buy anything but rather educated on options I never knew existed. Michael and Scott are very humble & great men who lead by example. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My wife took me on a valentine date to the Wealth Tour and since then we have completely turned our finances around. We sold a under-performing property and restructured our finances so that we could live the life we desired. Thanks for the guidance and we are grateful for our Keyspire® family!!”

    – Remi N
  • “I can't put a dollar value on the information I have learned and the contacts I have made. If I were to do this myself it would have taken me many years and I probably would not have had the courage to even start. It's been the wildest ride and most amazing experience of my life.”

    – Katerina P.
  • “I believe Keyspire® has the knowledge needed to help grow your rental income business! They take feedback very positively, and correct or improve on that information. I believe in Keyspire® whole heartedly, from someone who knew nothing but believes they will bring me to the top. The KEY is that I follow all their instructions and take that leap of faith knowing I can trust in their company.”

    – Gale L.

How Can Your Life Be Different?

  • Be Debt Free!
  • Gain Personal & Financial Freedom
  • Create Your Legacy
  • Take Control of Your Life!

Keyspire® Path to Results


The first step in any learning process is to gather information. You need to understand WHAT you will learn about, WHO you will learn from and HOW the information will be transferred to you.


Education is the foundation of any successful venture. Lifelong learning is the key to intelligence, happiness, and success. At this workshop attendees learn our real estate investing system. They are exposed to the knowledge and experience of hundreds of investors.


Upon completion of the Keyspire® 3-Day Workshop, the door opens to our organization. When you walk through that door, implementation begins. The education you have just received for three days will turn into action and results as you implement these processes in the real world for a full year.

About Keyspire® & Our Members

Keyspire® Members are real estate investing professionals who all share a common goal of achieving their dreams of financial freedom. The average Keyspire® Member makes over $109,000 in real estate investments in their first 6 months.

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